There are so many ways to get involved in our community. Clubs, societies, groups, churches and service clubs all contribute to the fabric which makes Peachland a dynamic place to live.

Volunteers are currently needed for:

  • Interior Health - Lifeline Volunteer Emergency Response: Volunteer Information

  • Peachland Visitor Information Centre - Do you have a passion for Peachland and enjoy exceptional interactions with stellar vacationers from all over the globe? Are you looking to make new friends and join a tremendous group of travel councilors? If that's the case Peachland Visitor Center is looking for you! If you are interested please contact via email at visitpeachland@gmail.com, phone 250-757-2455 or even better stop in and experience first hand how we make people's day just a little brighter!

  • Peachland Wellness Centre - Click here for more details.

  • Peachland Community Safety

    Benefits of Volunteering

    Many have probably heard the phrase “The Benefits of Volunteering are Endless!” Although it could be perceived as just a marketing ploy to grab your attention or perhaps an over exaggerated descriptor, a valuable volunteer experience does contribute so much to personal growth and development and ultimately to the organization or to the greater community. People volunteer for many personal reasons and not all benefits relate to all volunteer positions or to all individuals. However, research shows that there is enormous personal value in volunteering.
    • Help others
    • Develop your sense of achievement
    • Learn a new skill, interest or hobby
    • Be part of your community
    • Boost your career options
    • Gain new experiences
    • Meeting a diverse range of people
    • Make a difference