Water Treatment Plant Timeline


JANUARY 20, 2021
1. Flocculation basins where coagulant is injected to react and pull out colour and turbidity.

2. Coagulant and polymer injection pumps.

3. Dissolved air floation (DAF) basins in actions. (1 of 2)

4. Filtration Tank (1 of 6).

5. Filter gallery - water exits from the filter beds here.

6. UV reactors.

Pics in process of being resized...
NOVEMBER 03, 2020
1. Backwash recycling line installed

2. Saturators installed

3. Windows installed on 3rd floor

4. Rip Rap installation on bank of spring creek

5. Progress on filter gallery

OCT 2020
1. Siding is going on. Exterior windows installed. Door at the top right is where the grade will be once Grizzly is finished backfilling.

2. Filter under-drains have been installed and covered with water for protection.

3. DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) chambers are still being worked on but majority of piping and skimmers have been installed.

4. Centrifuge has been set into place on its platform.

5. Chemical Storage tanks in place

Aug 2020
1. Overview of Water Treatment Plant Site.

2. Electrical Room

3. Treatment Floor

4. Office area upstairs

March 2020

1. Prepping walls

2. Chemical storage area framing

3. Masonry around pump floor

Chemical StorageMasonry Work
Jan 2020
From late 2019.

1. Rebar Installation

2. Pouring filter walls

3. Backfilling after waterproofing exterior for Water Treatment Plant

Oct 2019
Work continues on the Water Treatment Plant.
Aug 2019
Forming continues on the Reservoir. Storm piping installation started around the perimeter footprint. Large concrete pour to complete the suspended slab on the upper reservoir, 7-8 concrete trucks cycled through to supply the pumper. Yard piping continues and potable lines and drain lines being installed
June 2019
Upper Reservoir, inner and outer walls all finished off.
May 2019
Reservoir waiting for the concrete truck and pouring the north wall of the upper reservoir
Concrete pour, north wall of upper reservoir
May 2019
Grizzly Excavating completing the preliminary tie-in between the existing main and the new bypass line (required to maintain water service to the District during construction of the low lift pump station
Grizzly Excavating.  Tie-in existing main & new bypass
May 2019
KCW Construction and K-Rod Steel progressing on the reservoir construction
KCW Construction & K-Rod Steel, progressing on the Reservoir Construction
March 28, 2019 NEWSLETTER Spring 2019
NEWSLETTER Summer 2019
Feb 20, 2019 The District of Peachland has recently awarded the construction phase of the Peachland Creek Water Treatment Plant to Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. Construction started in January 2019, with project completion anticipated in late 2020. There will be several different options for project updates including through the District website (www.peachland.ca), through quarterly Council Updates as well as regular project email updates. If you would like to be included in the project email updates, please send an email to the Operations Department at operations@peachland.ca and indicate that you would like the regular updates. Crews have been working on clearing and grubbing and preliminary electrical works.
Oct 26, 2018
There will be an Open House from 4pm - 7pm on Monday, Oct 30, 2017 at the Peachland Community Center, 4450 - 6th Street, Peachland regarding the Water Treatment Plant. The District will provide information regarding technology, financing, and more. Information will be provided and questions answered regarding the Alternate Approval Process (AAP). For more information visit Oct30 Open House
Sept 17, 2018 July 2017 Newsletter
Sept 2017 Newsletter
Aug 2018 Newsletter
March 13, 2017 Media Release - Funding for Water Treatment Plant