Weed Control


The District's goal is to control weeds and grasses which may impair traffic visibility, damage road asphalt surfaces, cause safety issues for pedestrians and for aesthetic purposes.

The District controls weeds with mechanical trimming which includes roadside tractor mowing and weed line trimming. Another objective of the program is to minimize the collection of litter and debris in weed infested areas. The District takes a leadership role in keeping our municipality clean. Another objective is to support the BC Weed Control Act to manage noxious weeds.

The District maintains road shoulders in all areas of the District of Peachland. The road shoulders are mowed with a tractor equipped with a flail mower. Weed wacking is included in the program to maintain walkways and other right of ways.

The District of Peachland requires property owners and residents to maintain the boulevard(s) and lane adjacent to their property. The District does not provide this service and does not include any funds in the budget for such work. Most of this work involves landscape cutting, trimming and watering of grass on the boulevards and lanes. Property owners and residents are encouraged and expected to maintain the boulevards for the beautification of our district and the enjoyment of all.

If you have any concerns, please call the Operations Office at 250.767.2108.