Wes's Trail to Wilson Mountain

Wes's Trail

Location: The entrance is about 1.5 km up the road from the Silver Lake driveway. There is an orange sign on the tree at the trailhead that says "Wes's Trail."
  • This is a snowshoe trail. When the trail exits the bush at the power line, go right, walk up and over the little hill and you'll see the trail continue down on the left.
  • Ascends in a series of switchbacks
  • Well marked with pink ribbon and some "T"s painted on trees (a first-timer up did not have trouble following the trail and markings)
  • Old hunting shelter 2.5km up
  • Time to travel one way is about 1 hr
  • Hiking poles or ski poles would be useful
  • Return the same way
For more photos, click here: Wes's Trail

Almost at the Top 2014jan26