Update April 25, 2018. News Release 2018-04

The District of Peachland, in partnership with the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) and Okanagan Xeriscape Association (OXA) held a contest. Two lucky homeowners were selected to have their thirsty lawn front yards renovated to a low-water, low-maintenance xeriscape for demonstration and water consumption analysis. Select the following links for more information and details. The planting was completed in November 2016 and will be monitored during the coming years. The overall intent of this pilot project is to showcase the aesthetic appeal and measure the water conservation that can be achieved through a xeriscape resident landscape, to meet the future water needs of the District and Okanagan.

Xeriscaping installation, materials and labour: $13,000 4032 SMITH WAY
Xeriscaping installation, materials and labour: $11,500

The public is invited to visit both of these properties for viewing.

The primary indicator of success will be measured by the volume
of water saved, at both residences, through xeriscape, compared
to the previous 6 years of water used with the traditional landscape.
Year 1 of xeriscape requires twice as much water as year 2 because
the plants are becoming established. So, while we will see some
improvement in water usage during the first year of landscape
(approximately 30%), the true long-term water savings of the
landscape will be seen in years 2 and 3. For this year the District
will continue to monitor the water usage until the end of 2018 to
capture 3 full years of water data.

Want more information on waterwise / xeriscape plants?
Please visit OXA.org

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