Pincushion Mountain Park

Pincushion Mountain Park

Location: The trailhead is at the very top of Ponderosa Drive, at the Chateau on the Ridge Entrance.
Here are pictures of a hike to the top Hike to the Top

  • Wilderness
  • Hiking Trails
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Elev at the gate (start) 570 m (1875 ft)
  • Elev at the summit 815m (2682 ft)
  • Average time to walk up... 40-60 min.
  • Distance to the top 1.2 km (but it seems farther)

It is said by local old-timers that you cannot call yourself a true Peachlander unless you have climbed Pincushion Mountain.

Important: Check the Pincushion Hikes for details to trailhead, distances and difficulty.

A walking stick is advisable. There is some very steep trail and footing can be slippery, especially on the way down due to loose gravel. Hiking boots are preferred. Be sure to take water with you. Oh, and a camera as well.

The trek up can take 40-60 minutes. A fit person on a mission to create a personal best, can go from the trailhead gate at Chateau on the Ridge, to the Summit in under 40 minutes. But why rush? There are rest stops along the way, and absolutely beautiful views. You might even see some deer, a garter snake or grouse. If you picnic at the summit, pack out what you pack in.

The trail in spring can be hard to see if there is patchy snow still on the ground. If the area is still cold/icy, the trail will be slippery. In spring the mud will be slippery. In summer when the trail is dry the gravel is slippery. Be careful. The trail is well trod and there are trail markers... either bits of pink ribbon or old red signs high up on trees. Stay on trail as much as possible. Be observant. It's a totally worthwhile trek! Again... check the "walks and hikes guide" before starting out.


    July 22, 2012. The tattered flag was replaced! The new flag looks great. A picnic table was donated and hauled up to the top and placed in an awesome location near the flag. That must have been hard work.


    2011 Hike to the Top

    Dec 4, 2011. Hike to the top. 28:55 up. 33:00 down. Trail was damp dry with icy patches on the trail near the top which made for some tricky treads on the way down.

    August 6, 2010

    Treegroup knows that Pincushion Mountain has a special place in the hearts of Peachlanders and that the trail leading to its summit is well used. Treegroup want to maintain and improve access to the mountain to keep the public safe from their tree-falling and other construction activities so worked with the dedicated assistance of the Volkssport Club to develop on paper an overall trail system. However the routing on paper did not translate exactly as planned on the actual topography of the mountain. A temporary trail was roughed in until all permits and permissions were in place so as to not eliminate access to the mountain. A new safer route has been routed and when finished it will be built better than the standard of neighbouring existing trails. Should anyone have questions or concerns about the Ponderosa Pincushion Ridge project, please contact Scott Dawson through the Ponderosa Golf Club office.

    June 18, 2010

    THE TRAIL HAS BEEN RE-ROUTED The Golf Course has acquired the crown land where hikers walked and accessed the Pincushion Trail up to the top of Pincushion Mountain. Due to construction of the golf course, the pincushion trail has been re-routed temporarily to keep hikers away from the construction area and yet allow them access to upper trail. This pincushion frequenter is told it is a TEMPORARY change. It is not an easy re-routing.

    The New Trail Access

    A new parking area has been created at the trailhead at the top of Ponderosa Drive. At the end of that parking lot, on the left side is a new, steep, sort of hard packed, recently excavated, wide trail. It goes straight up the hill and connects with a road. (A few steps to the left on that road will take you to Ponderosa's upper reservoir). Go right for a short distance and you will come to the 2nd level, recently excavated and straight up. This is extremely steep. Very soft. Straight up. When the excavated area stops, the trail veers right on single track. Follow the orange ribbons. They will connect you with the pincushion trail we all know and love and then you can go left and continue to the top of Pincushion Mountain. It took these experienced hikers 30 minutes to get to the pincushion trail via the new access. This pincushion hiker did not return the same way down because experience said it was far too steep and not safe. We returned the normal route down the full trail right to the gravel road and then through the recently ribboned construction area. No-one was working this weekend day.


    Sept 22, 2009 Centennial Year Climb Pincushion Mountain. Local Folk Lore says that no resident of Peachland can be considered a REAL Peachlander until they have climbed Pincushion Mountain. If you would like an official certificate declaring that you are a REAL Peachlander, mark your calendar and join others for a hike to the top. Details to follow. Watch the calendar.

    July 2009 Pincushion Frequenter encountered a pincushion hiker who, when asked about his bleeding leg, spoke about bushwacking to find two new geocaches on Pincushion, and of the access via a new little hardly seen path where two logs parallel and cross the trail. Geocaches are called Canyon View and Satisfaction. Time to go exploring when the days are cooler.

    July2009 A new flag is up courtesy of Pincushion hikers. Nice to see it again


    Sept 2008. The flag and pole have been vandalized again. The rope is cut. The flag cannot be taken down. The metal base is now nut&bolted and may require a hacksaw or a torch to remove it in order to replace the flag.

    April 26, 2008 with brand new running shoes....Trailhead Gate to the Top.... 21:40 for one, 23:14 for the other.

    April 13, 2008, to replace the flag...It took quite awhile to untwist and unwind the wire that vandals tied to the top of the pole before the flag could be re-installed. Lots of hikers on the trail.

    April 12, 2008, before breakfast... Trailhead Gate to the top.... 24:22 for one, 24:52 for the other. Discovered the pole has been worked at by others and is now loose and can be removed for a new flag raising.

    Mar 24, 2008 The Canadian flag at the top of Pincushion is gone. Who would make the trek up, take down the pole, cut the flag from it's ties, wrap the ties with wire, replace the pole sealing it into it's holder so it cannot be removed, then wrap miles of wire around the post? Why?

    March 16, 2008. Very little snow. Damp trail. Easy footing. The pond is back! Last year the pond was dry. Casual but steady walk to the top. Trailhead Gate to the Top.... 38:46. Temp +5.C

    Feb 23, 2008. Attempt to get to the top of Pincushion. Made it only 1/2 way up. Longer coming down. Snow still at mid-shin level. Path went from packed path to single boot prints. Snow mushy, icy, very slippery. Mild sunny day. Trailhead Gate to the dry pond.... 40 min.


    October 8, 2007, While the turkey roasted..... Trailhead Gate to the Top.... 25:57

    June 12, 2007. If you can make it to the dry pond in 19 min or less you've a good chance at beating the record. Trailhead Gate to The Top... 26:08.

    May 19, 2007. A "Pincushion Frequenter's" personal best time: Trailhead Gate to The Top.... 26:39.

    May 7, 2007. Canadian Flag at the top of Pincushion was replaced. The old one was shredded by weather and was down to one red panel.