In 2011 the BC Government passed a regulation requiring all businesses that supply packaging and printed paper (PPP) to BC residential consumers be responsible for collecting and recycling that material once consumers are finished with it. As a result, a non-profit organization called Multi Material BC (MMBC)was formed to represent businesses to meet their obligation under the recycling regulation.

MMBC's stewardship plan was approved by the provincial government in April 2013 and the program will launch on May 19th, 2014.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan, The City of Kelowna, The District of West Kelowna, The District of Lake Country and the District of Peachland all have signed contracts with MMBC to collect recyclables on behalf of MMBC and in accordance with MMBC requirements.

Detailed Recycling List

Highlights from the Detailed Recycling List include the following:

    Regarding Paper Products:

  • NOT accepted are plastic bags used to cover newspapers/flyers
  • NOT accepted are hard cover book, paperback books, padded envelopes, paper towels or tissues.
  • NOT accepted are foil paper, ribbons, bows, musical greeting cards with batteries
  • You can recycle shipping and packing boxes, grocery and liquor store boxes, pizza boxes, cereal, shoe, tissue, soft drink cans and food boxes but NOT wax coated boxes
  • No straws,
  • You can recycle egg cartons, take out trays, paper based (CLEAN) flower pots, and pet food bags.
  • NOT accepted are juice cartons or drink boxes (returnable),
  • Regarding Aerosol Cans:

  • You can recycle Aerosol cans for food, air fresheners, shaving cream, deodorant and hairspray.
  • NOT accepted are aerosol for spray paint, wax polishes, lubricating oils, solvents, insulating foam, pesticides, propane cylinders.
  • Regarding Metal:

  • You can recycle tins from pet food, cookies, tea, chocolates, etc. as well as foil wrap, pie plates, food trays baking and roasting pans.
  • NOT accepted are paint cans, coat hangars, pots, pans, baking trays, metal toys, appliances, hardware, scrap metal, wiring, extension cords.
  • NOT accepted are chip or foil bags, foil wrap with paper backing such as for butter, cigarettes, or foil lined cardboard lids from take out containers.
  • Regarding Plastics:

  • You can recycle milk jugs, plastic from cooking oil, laundry detergent, fabric softener, cleaning solutions, body care products, windshield washer fluid . Empty and rinse.
  • NOT accepted are jugs for flavoured tea, juice and other beverages (return for deposit)
  • NOT accepted are containers for motor oil or vehicle lubricant or wax products.

Please read through and or print out the entire Detailed Recycling List in the PDF above for further clarification of what is and is not accepted in your recycling cart.