Pincushion Mountain Park

Pincushion Mountain Park

Location: The trailhead is at the very top of Ponderosa Drive, at the Chateau on the Ridge Entrance.
Here are pictures of a hike to the top Hike to the Top

  • Wilderness
  • Hiking Trails
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Elev at the gate (start) 570 m (1875 ft)
  • Elev at the summit 815m (2682 ft)
  • Average time to walk up... 40-60 min.
  • Distance to the top 1.8 km

It is said by local old-timers that you cannot call yourself a true Peachlander unless you have climbed Pincushion Mountain.

Important: Check the Pincushion Hikes for details to trailhead, distances and difficulty.

A walking stick is advisable. There is some very steep trail and footing can be slippery, especially on the way down due to loose gravel. Hiking boots are preferred. Be sure to take water with you. Oh, and a camera as well.

The trek up can take 30-60 minutes. A fit person on a mission to create a personal best, can go from the trailhead gate at Chateau on the Ridge, to the Summit in under 40 minutes. But why rush? There are rest stops along the way, and absolutely beautiful views. You might even see some deer, a garter snake or grouse. If you picnic at the summit, pack out what you pack in.

The trail in spring can be hard to see if there is patchy snow still on the ground. If the area is still cold/icy, the trail will be slippery. In spring the mud will be slippery. In summer when the trail is dry the gravel is slippery. Be careful. The trail is well trod and there are trail markers... either bits of pink ribbon or old red signs high up on trees. Stay on trail as much as possible. Be observant. It's a totally worthwhile trek! Again... check the "walks and hikes guide" before starting out.